Renaissance drawing related to the Sistine Chapel ceiling newly attributed to Michelangelo Buonarroti.

A previously unknown sixteenth century black chalk drawing on paper relating to a decorative element of the Sisitine Chapel, is now attributed to Michelangelo Buonarroti by a Courtauld Institute PhD Scholar with a specialist focus in Michelangelo drawings.

His scholar report argues that the work is by the Master on stylistic grounds, and distinguishes it from the hands of other artists.

An eminent paper historian, confirms that the drawing paper bears the watermark types seen in other Michelangelo drawings of the period.

Recent provenance is unremarkable. However, there is evidence that it was in the collection of Pierre Crozat, 1665–1740. A  number is written in an old hand in ox-gall ink on the mount, that corresponds to the lot number of a group of Michelangelo drawings in the Mariette auction sale catalogue of 1741. There were 1083 lots consisting of 19,201 drawings in Crozat's collection.. The inscribed number 19 may indicate the work is from the group catalogued as lot 19; ten Michelangelo drawings. 

The drawing has been the subject of study by Nicholas Burnett, ACR at Museum Conservation Services, Duxford and Dr Paolo Riccardi, the Chief Scientific Officer at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. Xray spectrometry reveals the exact mineral make-up of black chalks and white washes, providing a "fingerprint" of the media. A hope is to match up spectral data with that of drawings established as autograph, should such data be recorded.

Additional inventory numbers inscribed on the mount, verso, by different hands, may offer further suggesteions a to provenance.